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In a new C-suite role? Your communications style sets tone and culture.

First Impressions Create Lasting Impressions

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Putting the "Service" Back into Shared Services

Is your organization operating as effectively as possible to deliver for customers and create value for shareholders? Many of the enterprise clients we work with are structured in a matrix with certain functions organized centrally and chartered to support the business units that are providing products or services to customers. In most matrix...

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Four Keys To Success When Your Company Is Organized By Function

Over the years, we have seen dozens of functional organization designs succeed and a few that have not worked as well as intended. By a functional design, we mean one which is primarily based on functions such as Marketing, Sales, Product Engineering, Finance, etc. We contrast this with a business unit design, which is primarily structured...

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Five Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Structure

What Google’s Re-Org Teaches us About Strategy and Org Design
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