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Have mergers and acquisitions left you with too much "stuff" in your corporate garage?

"...that's all you need in life, is a little place for your stuff, ya know?"

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After the Merger: Successfully Blending Corporate Cultures

When two companies merge, the primary focus is usually on how quickly the organization can blend and optimize operations and take advantage of sales and marketing synergies. And that’s great. But there’s another issue that requires just as much attention: Corporate Culture.

When companies are merging, differences in corporate culture become...

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Choosing an integration leader? Here's advice from past M&A execs.

When your company is about to embark on a major merger or acquisition effort, one of the first moves you make will be the assignment of an executive to oversee and drive the integration process. It's a critical, lynch-pin role and the success or failure of the entire integration can depend on getting the right person to lead the charge. Even...

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What Theo and the Cubs Can Teach Us About Corporate Culture

Watching the now World Champion Chicago Cubs make their run last fall was as exciting a time in sports as I can remember.  I've attended some thrilling games at Wrigley over the years, but nothing compared to the experience of getting to attend Game 5 of the World Series on a crisp Sunday evening at the end of October. A few days later in...

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In a Merger, Employees Don’t Fear Change. They Hate the Uncertainty.

We’d all like to be poised, confident, and self-assured. Too bad life gets in the way. Cancelled flights, unexpected traffic jams, weather emergencies, unwelcome health news, mergers and acquisitions… all situations that create uncertainty.

Some will say that people’s emotions run high in a situation like a corporate merger because of an innate...
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Executing A Merger or Other Major Initiative? Get Results Through Execution-Focused Program Management (Not Project Administration)

How many of your strategic initiatives achieve the results envisioned? If you are like many organizations, the vast majority of initiatives fail to get results, meet budget expectations or come in on schedule. When taking into account lost revenue, productivity hits and unrealized opportunities, the real costs of having initiatives fall short...

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Mergers & Acquisition Integration: 3 Conversations Required For Success

“I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.”                                                                                                                                            – Mahatma Ghandi

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M&A Integration - How Much Pre-Close Planning Is Appropriate?

Numerous studies, executives and consulting pundits have extolled the virtues of planning for the integration of a merger or acquisition as early as possible. But what exactly does that mean from a practical perspective?

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Pursuing an Acquisition? How You Behave Makes a Difference

Too often even the most strategic, well-structured transactions that are appropriately valued get into trouble soon after the deal is signed. Integration grinds to a halt, frustrations rise and tempers flare. In our experience, realizing progress and results during a merger or acquisition is largely driven by the combined firm’s ability to make...

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Acquired? Don't Let Your Behaviors Impede Integration

In our experience, realizing deal progress and creating value during a merger or acquisition is largely driven by the combined firm’s ability to make decisions and remove uncertainty quickly. However, a fair amount of the probability for deal success hinges on how people behave. This isn’t just true for how the buying company’s leaders act – it...

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