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Does Your Innovation Center Create A Barrier To Success?

Sometimes what you want—and what you spend considerable time and money trying to achieve—is not what you get. This is especially true of innovation.

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Five Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Structure

What Google’s Re-Org Teaches us About Strategy and Org Design
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Pursuing an Acquisition? How You Behave Makes a Difference

Too often even the most strategic, well-structured transactions that are appropriately valued get into trouble soon after the deal is signed. Integration grinds to a halt, frustrations rise and...

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Acquired? Don't Let Your Behaviors Impede Integration

In our experience, realizing deal progress and creating value during a merger or acquisition is largely driven by the combined firm’s ability to make decisions and remove uncertainty quickly....

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Making Merger Day One A Success

As companies who are acquiring or merging approach their Day One – which we suggest defining as the first 1 to 5 days after transaction close – we think it important to remember that “opening...

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