Metre22 Is Welcomed To The Inc. 5000

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Metre22 Is Welcomed To The Inc. 5000

In mid-August, we were notified that Metre22 was ranked #720 on the 2016 Inc. 5000 list of fasting growing companies in America. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the recognition. Metre22’s Managing Partner, Don Robinson, commented “Of course, none of our growth would be possible without our valuable clients and the efforts of our terrific team members!”

Delivering Value For Our Clients

Over the last year we’ve worked hard to deliver value for our clients. We feel great about helping our clients create value in their enterprises. Example projects have included:

  • Integrating a multi-billion dollar healthcare acquisition. We helped orchestrate a massive post-acquisition integration effort in the healthcare sector. The multi-billion dollar transaction created an industry leading performance improvement company with over 4000 employees in the U.S. Metre22’s rapid planning process helped the companies chart a course for integration during the regulatory review period and put those plans into action quickly after the transaction closed.
  • Sourcing potential business innovations, followed by rapid prototyping solutions. Using our “Innovation Lab” approach, we worked in interactive sessions with field and front-line leaders to identify business issues where innovation and the application of technology could accelerate growth or increase profitability. With our expert technologists participating in the innovation labs, we were able to quickly prototype solutions and get them in the hands of front-line leaders to test their efficacy.
  • Innovating on an executive dashboard for multi-location businesses. Getting true visibility into any business can be a challenge. Getting visibility into a multi-location business (think hotels, auto dealerships, nursing homes) can be especially difficult. Recognizing this problem as a potential area for innovation, we developed an approach that helps company executives in multi-location businesses view their organization’s performance across the entire portfolio of individual locations. The custom dashboard keeps executives informed about business performance and helps local general managers share ideas and best practices with other locations.  If your organization might benefit from a custom dashboard for your portfolio of locations, drop us a note and we will send you more information or set up a 15 minute call.

In Pursuit of Growth? 

Metre22 helps companies grow through clear strategy, effective M&A, and profitable innovation. Feel free to reach out via email to  Or like and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. We would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you about your growth targets and how to achieve them more quickly and easily than you might imagine.

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